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DAY 3 - Family Day

Saturday, 7th December

Schedule for the day


2pm                Event opens
2pm - 4pm      Stories reading in Story Corner
2pm - 4pm      Interactive offerings in Activity Corner
4pm - 5pm      Debate Corner hosted by Debate Mate
5pm                Event closes

Story Corner - Running between 2pm and 4pm, this will feature children’s authors reading excerpts from their books and engaging with the children on any questions they may have about the story. The book readings will cater to the different range of age groups that will be present. Confirmed authors include:

•    Paul Cookson, author of Christmas Kitten (ages 3-5)
•    Peter Clarke, author of Jee the Ninja Pants Detective (ages 5-9)
•    Camilla Chester, author of Jarred Dreams and EATS (ages 8+) 


Activity Corner - Running between 2pm and 4pm, this area will allow children the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops and activities. There will be a drawing station where children can design and draw the book cover of their favourite story. A selection of these designs will then be displayed for everyone to see. Ross Montgomery, author of Space Tortoise and Christmas Dinner of Souls, will host a one hour interactive session, including readings and playing games related to his book. There will also be two one-hour performance poetry workshops  led by Rakaya Fetuga, the spoken word poet who won the Roundhouse Poetry Slam 2018 and leads poetry workshops in schools across London. Aimed at older children (ages 10-14), these workshops will consist of  group games and writing and performing poetry. A sign-up email will be sent to all registered attendees the week before the event.    


Debate Corner - Running between 4pm and 5pm, debate corner will be produced by Debate Mate, a non-profit organisation focused on improving social mobility through teaching key debating skills. There will be a fun, child-friendly live debate involving young people from the local area debating onstage, with an interactive element involving audience Q&A. 


Rest and Relaxation Area - A space in which parents and children can take a break, relax and consume complementary festive treats. 

Interest in the Children’s Festive Book Fair has been high so please register now if you would like to attend.


Rakaya Fetuga: Award-winning spoken word poet who won the Spread the Word Poetry Prize in 2017 and Roundhouse Poetry Slam in 2018. She facilitates poetry workshops across the UK and has performed at venues such as the British Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Trafalgar Square and The Ivy.

Ross Montgomery: Children’s author and former primary school teacher. His books include Space Tortoise, about a lonely tortoise who plans to find a friend by going into space, and Christmas Dinner of Souls, a scary story of a boy who is trapped at a dinner where the adults hate children, happiness, and above all, Christmas.


Camilla Chester: Children’s author whose books include Jarred Dreams, a story about a ghoul who steals children’s dreams storing them in jars, and EATS, a book about a vegetarian boy chef.

Peter Clarke: Children’s author of Jee the Ninja Pants Detective, a story of a big brother with big responsibilities, solving mysteries and saving the world.


Paul Cookson: Children’s author and architect by trade. His book, Christmas Kitten, tells the adventure of a cuddly white kitten who has no name and has lost his family just before Christmas.